About Untapped Water Systems


Created in 2013, our vision is to revolutionize how people get sustainable water at a personal and industrial scale.

The World Health Organization and United Nations estimate that by 2025 one third of the world’s population will not have access to adequate drinking water. 
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There are over 12,900 cubic kilometres (8016 cubic miles) of water ever present in the atmosphere that we can take advantage of to produce clean drinking water.

Our first product is the AIR X, an easy, safe way to draw water out of the atmosphere right in your home or office. Its advanced air filtration technology also removes humidity, particulates, bacteria and microbes from the air, replacing an air purifier and dehumidifier.

No plumbing, no bottles, no jugs. Just great tasting water.

It’s a new way for people around the world to access safe, clean and economical water.

It’s Better Water, a Better Way.