Untapped Water Systems Showcases Water from Air Machine at The Luxury Technology Show

ISPBC (International Self-Powered Building Council) awarded UWS’ technology with Autonomous Technology Council (ATC) Certification earlier this year. UWS contributes to ISPBC’s autonomous building (Building2.0) future by offering an innovative, stylish, and sustainable solution to world water security.

The entire state of California is suffering from drought for the first time in 15 years, leaving the state’s total water reservoir storage at 36% of capacity. If below-average rainfall continues in 2015, "more people will feel the direct results of the drought in our cities," says Mark Cowin, director of the California Department of Water Resources (source: L.A. Times). Additional mandatory rationing and water-use restrictions would increase the price of water.

AIR-X utilizes air as a free water source that doesn’t deplete the reservoirs. The unit produces superior quality water that is 75-100% cheaper than bottled water while using less power than a water cooler.

One of the hardest hit drought regions in California is Tulare County. The annual average humidity in Tulare is 79.4%, hitting around 90% in spring and summer. The county also has over 100 days of fog annually.

UWS’s water machines benefit from increased moisture in the air. AIR-X draws water directly from the atmosphere and purifies it with a multipass filtration technology producing 99.9999% bacteria-free water. UWS provides a life-saving solution for people with reduced access to clean water.

The superior AWG (Atmospheric Water Generation) technology by UWS is scalable to meet a variety of needs from personal use to industrial level. The company works directly with developers and architects to create systems suitable for their particular projects.

Source: http://www.uws.tm/