Untapped Water Systems' AIR X Receives ISPBC ATC Certification

ISPBC (International Self-Powered Building Council) awards ‘Water from Air’ AWG technology by Untapped Water Systems with Autonomous Technology Council (ATC) Certification on UN World Water Day.

UWS’ AIR X water machine produces superior quality drinking water in the most cost effective way with value-added integrated functions combining 4 machines in 1; water maker/dispenser/dehumidifier/and air purifier for healthier indoor air, and a better quality of life.

UWS premiered the rose-gold edition of its AIR X water machine at ISPBC showcase at the RAND Luxury Technology Show sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, receiving praise from VIP guests and media.

“UWS’ AIR X is a game changer,” said Bradford Rand, President/CEO, RAND Luxury.

AIR X is the new water cooler for homes, offices, and emergencies. It is a sustainable, stylish and convenient solution to reduce the use of plastic bottles. The machine utilizes a free water source (air) to produce 25 times purer drinking water than global drinking water standards (EPA, WHO) 75-100% cheaper than bottled water while using less power than a water cooler.

The world’s freshwater resources are fragile and finite, and they are under increasing stress from population growth, pollution and the demands of agricultural and industrial uses (Source:UN).

UN focuses on freshwater-related issues on World Water Day, March 22, 2014. The theme is “Water and Energy,” which is also central to ISPBC’s vision of an autonomous self-powered future. ATC-certified members contribute to ISPBC’s autonomous building (Building2.0) solutions on all life-sustaining levels including critical energy and water security.

AIR X is a life-saver for people in places with unreliable water supply. The all-in-one machine employs green technologies to keep water, and the dispenser, 99.999% bacteria-free using UV light, multipass filtration technology, and anti-germ tank protocols.

UWS is accepting pre-orders from retailers and distributors.
Contact: Aaron Vidas, sales@uws.tm, +1(778)288-0488

International Self-Powered Building Council (ISPBC) is a worldwide organization dedicated to advance, develop and drive autonomous Self-Powered Building (Building 2.0) innovations and practices. www.ISPBC.org

Untapped Water Systems (UWS) creates atmospheric water generators that make fresh water and purify the air. The AIR X unit produces hot and cold water by harvesting moisture from the air, condensing and filtering it. www.uws.tm


Contact:International Self-Powered Building Council (ISPBC)
Johanna Juntunen, +1(310)210-5664