1. Evaporation

An Untapped Water Systems' Atmospheric Water Generator works by mimicking our planet's natural water cycle. As the Earth is warmed, water evaporates and joins an average of 12,900 cubic kilometers of water that is ever present  in our atmosphere. This continuous and natural evaporation is the first  step in our process of providing our customers with the purest drinking water available.


2. Air Filtration

Moisture-laden air is next drawn into our Atmospheric Water Generator and as the air is pulled  in, it passes through the first of UWS’ filtration features; our Dual Air Filter System. This Dual Air Filter System consists of a first stage Electrostatic Air Filter, which draws out  particles of debris through an electrostatic charge; and our Second Stage MERV8 Pleated Filter which removes dust, pollen, mold and bacteria from the air.


3. Condensation

Water is then harvested from the air through the process of condensation. Our Atmospheric Water Generators use condenser coils to rapidly drop the air’s temperature and convert the moisture in the air into liquid water. Through extensive research and development, Untapped Water Systems has been able to maximize water returns while minimizing the energy required to produce this water.


4. Storage

Condensed liquid water is then stored in Untapped Water Systems' revolutionary Antibacterial Reservoir System. This industry leading innovation provides the highest level of protection from bacteria of any water machine currently on the market. Through the use of Ultraviolet Light and other proprietary technologies, Untapped Water Systems is able to provide 99.999% bacteria free water storage.


5. Water Filtration

As water is used, it passes through Untapped Water Systems' industry leading Four Stage PCM Filtration system. This filter system consists of; a Stage One Polypropylene Filter which filters out material as small as 5 microns; a Stage Two Carbon Fiber Filter which removes material as small as 1 micron; a Stage Three Ultra Filtration Filter which removes material as small as 0.1 microns; and finally a Stage Four Post Carbon Mineral Filter which actively pH balances the water, making it healthier for human consumption.


6. Heating

When hot water is required, Untapped Water Systems' InstaHeat Power Saving heating element is activated, instantly heating water to the user specified temperature. This On Demand technology allows UWS’ Atmospheric Water Generators to reduce energy consumption and contributes to UWS’ industry leading energy efficiency.


7. UV Dispenser

The final phase of producing Water from Air, and providing our customers with the purest drinking water available, is Untapped Water Systems' innovative Health Guard Dispenser System. In another industry first, UWS employs the antibacterial properties of Ultraviolet light, built directly into our water dispenser to ensure that water leaving the machine, and the dispenser itself remain clean and bacteria free.