The One Touch UV Water Bottle

Introducing the UWS One Touch UV Water Bottle, where powerful UV purification and complete filtration meet in one convenient bottle that protects you, wherever you may be. Whether you are backpacking in India, trekking the back-country, boating on a lake or river, or want extra protection from the community water dispenser at the gym, you know you have safe water to drink. The One Touch renders virtually any freshwater source potable. From lakes, rivers or other moving freshwater sources to tap or water bottle dispensers, the One Touch provides you with safe, great tasting water with very little effort.

  • One Touch UV sterilization eliminates any microbial pollution from natural water sources
  • USB Rechargeable Battery sterilizes 80 times on a single charge
  • Waterproof structure can be completely submerged in a stream, river, lake, or other moving fresh water source for your convenience when filling

The One Touch Advantage

Revolutionary Sterilization and Filtration Technology overcomes the problem of other filter bottles that have secondary water pollution caused by the filter cartridge itself, due to bacteria growing in the tank after the chlorine is removed. One Touch ensures the water and the tank remain sterile, with effective sterilization ranging from tap water to any microbial pollution of natural water sources (such as lakes, rivers, groundwater, etc...) 

Patented (CCFL) Cold Cathode UV Module when in operation, simultaneously produces 0.2 PPM of O3 (Low Level Ozone) offering double sterilization efficacy. The CCFL Cold Cathode UV Lamp consumes very little energy and is around 10 times more efficient than a traditional UV lamp, reducing maintenance costs for consumers significantly. The DC Power Switch Module can be charged by a 3 to 4V (DC) cell phone charger (USB). After charging for 1.5 hours, the unit can be used 80 times before needing to be recharged. The light ring around the power button also functions as a power indicator. When the UV Lamp brightness is weak or the insufficient power indicator is flashing, the user must recharge before using to ensure bactericidal function. 

Switch ON / Off with One Touch. It takes 50 seconds each time to sterilize and the indicator light will remain on for 60 seconds to inform users that the sterilization has been completed. As a safety feature, after the UV Lamp has been used, it is not able to be used again for 90 more seconds. This is to avoid continuous use by children.

One Touch 3 Stage Filtration System


Step 1: Polyurethane layer removes impurities and small particles found in water.

Step 2: Non-Sodium Ion Exchange Resin layer can effectively remove calcareous and heavy metals in water (such as lead, copper, cadmium, etc) and reserve beneficial minerals.

Step 3: Anti-bacterial Activated Carbon Fiber layer can effectively remove odor, chlorine, benzotrichloride, pesticides, and other organic pollutants.