One Touch UV Water Pitcher

Introducing the UWS One Touch UV Water Pitcher, where powerful UV purification and complete filtration come together with a strong and elegant design that keeps up with today's modern families. When you need to make sure your family has safe water to drink, choose the UWS One Touch Water Pitcher. The One Touch renders virtually any freshwater source potable and bacteria free, from the tap or water bottle dispensers to lakes, rivers or other moving freshwater sources. With One Touch, you will be provided with great tasting, bacteria free water with very little effort.

Let the water enter the top and flow down through our filtration system which removes particles, heavy metals and chemicals, giving it a nice clean taste. Then, with One Touch, activate the UV Sterilizer and in 50 seconds, you will be ready to enjoy your water knowing that it is bacteria free.

  • One Touch UV sterilization eliminates any microbial pollution from natural freshwater sources. 
  • Built in 3 stage filtration system with antibacterial activated carbon, non-sodium ion exchange resin and polyurethane sediment filter. 
  • USB Rechargeable Battery sterilizes 100 times on a single charge. 

The One Touch Advantage

Revolutionary Sterilization and Filtration Technology overcomes the problem of other filter bottles that have secondary water pollution caused by the filter cartridge itself due to bacteria growing in the tank after the chlorine is removed. The UWS One Touch ensures the water and the tank remain sterile, with effective sterilization ranging from tap water to any microbial pollution of natural water sources (such as lakes, rivers, groundwater, etc...

Patented (CCFL) Cold Cathode UV Module when in operation, simultaneously produces 0.2 PPM of O3 (Low Level Ozone) offering double sterilization efficacy. The CCFL Cold Cathode UV Lamp consumes very little energy and is around 10 times more efficient than a traditional UV lamp, reducing maintenance costs for consumers significantly. 

Switch ON / Off with One Touch. Module can be charged by a 3 to 4V (DC) cell phone charger (USB). After charging for 1.5 hours, the unit can be used 100 times before needing to be recharged. The light on the power button also functions as a power indicator. When the UV Lamp brightness is weak or the insufficient power indicator is flashing, the user must recharge before using to ensure bactericidal function.

One Touch UV Light Purification

The One Touch UV Light produces ultra violet rays in waves lengths of 254nm and 185nm.

As UV rays strike microorganisms, they pass through the cell wall destroying the molecular structure of the DNA.

With their DNA structures permanently destroyed, any microorganisms are rendered harmless.